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Directly in between the Hanseatic City of Hamburg and the Hanseatic City of Lüneburg ans therefore part oft he Hamburg Metropolitan Region there is our region called „ACHTERN-ELBE-DIEK“. Since 2005 five communes are working together with the local population to create a likeable and liveable region which is well prepared for future challenges.

„Achtern Diek“ means „behind the dike“ and relates to the Elbe river which is the formative element in the region for living and recovering and also for the economic activity. The Elbe river marks the northern border of the region while the three rivers Seeve, Luhe and Ilmenau run directly through the region itself. The region consist of the two municipalities Seevetal and Stelle, the county seat Winsen (Luhe) and the two joint communities Elbmarsch and Bardowick.

Leader is an european grant programm to support rural areas. This local development method allows local actors to engage in the design of accurately fitting strategies and help realizing it. The leader-region ACHTERN-ELBE-DIEK is able to use 2,4 million Euro of subsidies for projects which help to implement the local strategie.

For further information please contact Annika Paulini.

She is the manager of the region and reachable by phone 04171 / 657 – 197 or by e-mail regionalmanagement@stadt-winsen.de.